ZoomUnits Version 2.2 Now Out

The ZoomUnits iPhone app is now upgraded to have a unit-selection picker. This replaces the double-tap gesture as a more intuitive way to select units. As part of this change, all the units are now available for comparison, expanding upon the previous “Imperial Vs Metric” aspect of the app.

The new version is available on the iOS App Store and more information is available here.

ZoomUnits v2.1

Version 2.1 of ZoomUnits is now in review on the App Store, fixing a few minor graphical issues. A rundown of the new look and functionality is on its page here.


The new version of my iOS App ZoomUnits is getting tidied up and ready for a return to the App Store. A rundown of the new look and functionality is on its page here.

Red Class Framework

A tidied up amalgamation of several years of tinkering. The Red Class Framework is a standalone set of classes and namespaces for C++ development in any environment.

Features its own core type and collection classes, a stripped down markup language and an object-oriented interpreted programming language.

Documentation is here.

VSI Project Documented

Added a big chunk of text about my long running VSI (Very Simple Interpreter) project. I’ve never really explained it to many people, would be interesting to see a reaction to it.
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