2016 EPL Playoff Finals Weekend

Guildford Flames celebrations:
2016-04-03 - Flames Celebrations

2016-04-03 - EPL Playoff Finals - Guildford Flames Vs Milton Keynes Lightning

Semi-Final Matches:
2016-04-02 - Guildford Flames Vs Peterborough Phantoms 2016-04-02 - Basingstoke Bison Vs Milton Keynes Lightning

2016-04-03 - Guildford Firekings Vs Billingham Stars

2015 Goodwood Festival Of Speed

Photos from the Friday at the 2015 Goodwood Festival Of Speed

2015-06-26 - Goodwood Festival Of Speed

Five years at Goodwood on Flickr: 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015

Square Landscape

A longstanding project to take landscape photos constrained to a 35mm, black & white and square format. Looking for other criteria to make them interesting:

Square Landscape

Image set on Flickr.

Its Hockey Season Again...

The 2014-15 hockey season kicks off with a charity clash between the Police and Firefighters. Turned out to be a well balanced match, edged 6-5 by the Firefighters.

On Flickr and Facebook.

2014-08-16 - Police Lions Vs Firefighters

The Malvern Hills

A recent trip to the Malvern Hills. With rain forecast to move in at any time, they were looking great in the late summer sunshine.

On Flickr.

2014-08-09 - Malverns

Blue Box Sailing

Sailing in the Solent, with Blue Box Sailing.

Available on Flickr.

2014-07-06 - Blue Box Sailing

2014 Goodwood Festival Of Speed

The forecast rain stayed away and the opening Friday on the 2014 Goodwood Festival Of Speed couldn’t have been better.

Available on Flickr and Facebook.

2014-06-27 - Goodwood Festival Of Speed

RAF Beaulieu And New Forest

If you enter 50.805148,-1.503453 into Google Maps, you'll see a mad letter-A scrawled on the landscape. Its whats left of an Amercan WWII base (RAF Beaulieu). I decided to go for a wander and see what it looked like from the ground:

Available on Flickr.

2014-04-18 - RAF Beaulieu And New Forest

South Farnborough Landscape

Another visit to Caesar’s Camp and the landscape south of Farnborough.

The set is available on Flickr.

2014-04-13 - South Farnborough

Best of 2013/14 Season: EPL and NIHL

A set of 50 of the best photos from the 2013/14 season. Given more processing than time allows when putting them up on match night.

The set can be seen directly in Flickr, there is also a collection (1960 photos) of the season.

Best of 2013/14 Season: EPL and NIHL

2014 EPL Playoff Finals

April 5th and 6th saw the EPL Playoff Finals in Coventry.

Manchester Vs Swindon: Facebook, Flickr
Basingstoke Vs Guildford: Facebook, Flickr

U18s Bracknell Vs Nottingham: Facebook, Flickr
Final: Manchester Vs Basingstoke: Facebook, Flickr

Canadian Rockies Landscape

In a recent trip to Canada, I was able to get the DSLR and Fujifilm X100 cameras out and get some great shots of the landscape: Flickr.
With amazing scenery in every direction, the biggest challenge is actually setting up. The glare is too bright to properly check the camera screen.

2014-03-01 - Banff'14

South Farnborough Landscape

After trawling Google Earth for areas to photograph, I found one close to home south of Farnborough. Photos on Flickr.

Builds on previous B&W photos here.

2014-02-02 - South Farnborough

2013-14 Hockey Season Underway

The 2013-14 Ice Hockey season has started, with a few charity and challenge matches. All the photos are available on Flickr and Facebook.

Time-lapse photography

I’ve acquired an intervalometer / remote trigger for the Canon 7D. A couple of early efforts can be seen on Vimeo:

2013 Goodwood Festival Of Speed

My photos from the 2013 FoS:

(Surprised that there were actually four crashes during the day, involving some very expensive bits of metal).

Timelapse 101

Timelapse photography is a whole discipline in itself, with new challenges on flickering images and composing interesting clips. My first days efforts:

British Library

The British Museum ( in central London (Google Maps) holds some of the most iconic historical artefacts, like the Rosetta Stone, Elgin Marbles and Sutton Hoo treasures. The centre of the building is covered with an equally iconic glass roof.

Entry is free, and well worth a visit.

Photos: Flickr, Facebook.

2012/13 Hockey Season Underway

The 2012/13 Hockey season is underway, with matches already being played for the EPL, ENIHL and Women’s Prem.

The Flickr page for the entire season is up and running: Here

Dunsfold Wings And Wheels

The annual Dunsfold car and plane show. Photos from the Monday can be found on Facebook and Flickr.

Also, photos from the 2009, 2010 and 2011 shows.

Farnborough Airshow

The local airshow had planes roaring overhead for two weeks.

Photos can be found on Flickr.

Duxford Legends

One of the bigger air shows at Duxford, showcasing the WWI and WWII prop planes. The event traditionally finishes with a big 20-plus plane formation seen nowhere else.

Photos can be found on Flickr.

The 2012 Goodwood Festival Of Speed

Some photos from the famous Goodwood motor show: Facebook and Flickr.

Closing out the 2011/12 Season

The 2011/12 Ice Hockey season has one weekend left, before a few months of summer leagues and golf courses. Here’s a link to the full collection of highs and lows from over 50 matches: Flickr

Midnight Scrimmage

A training session turned into an informal game with a London rec team: Facebook, Flickr and Video.

Holiday Museums

During a few days off, I’ve taken a few photos of the cars and planes at Brooklands and the Shuttleworth Collection.
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