Square Landscape

A longstanding project to take landscape photos constrained to a 35mm, black & white and square format. Looking for other criteria to make them interesting:

Square Landscape

Image set on Flickr.

The Malvern Hills

A recent trip to the Malvern Hills. With rain forecast to move in at any time, they were looking great in the late summer sunshine.

On Flickr.

2014-08-09 - Malverns

RAF Beaulieu And New Forest

If you enter 50.805148,-1.503453 into Google Maps, you'll see a mad letter-A scrawled on the landscape. Its whats left of an Amercan WWII base (RAF Beaulieu). I decided to go for a wander and see what it looked like from the ground:

Available on Flickr.

2014-04-18 - RAF Beaulieu And New Forest

South Farnborough Landscape

Another visit to Caesar’s Camp and the landscape south of Farnborough.

The set is available on Flickr.

2014-04-13 - South Farnborough

South Farnborough Landscape

After trawling Google Earth for areas to photograph, I found one close to home south of Farnborough. Photos on Flickr.

Builds on previous B&W photos here.

2014-02-02 - South Farnborough

Time-lapse photography

I’ve acquired an intervalometer / remote trigger for the Canon 7D. A couple of early efforts can be seen on Vimeo:

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