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2016 EPL Playoff Finals Weekend

Guildford Flames celebrations:
2016-04-03 - Flames Celebrations

2016-04-03 - EPL Playoff Finals - Guildford Flames Vs Milton Keynes Lightning

Semi-Final Matches:
2016-04-02 - Guildford Flames Vs Peterborough Phantoms 2016-04-02 - Basingstoke Bison Vs Milton Keynes Lightning

2016-04-03 - Guildford Firekings Vs Billingham Stars

Its Hockey Season Again...

The 2014-15 hockey season kicks off with a charity clash between the Police and Firefighters. Turned out to be a well balanced match, edged 6-5 by the Firefighters.

On Flickr and Facebook.

2014-08-16 - Police Lions Vs Firefighters

Best of 2013/14 Season: EPL and NIHL

A set of 50 of the best photos from the 2013/14 season. Given more processing than time allows when putting them up on match night.

The set can be seen directly in Flickr, there is also a collection (1960 photos) of the season.

Best of 2013/14 Season: EPL and NIHL

2014 EPL Playoff Finals

April 5th and 6th saw the EPL Playoff Finals in Coventry.

Manchester Vs Swindon: Facebook, Flickr
Basingstoke Vs Guildford: Facebook, Flickr

U18s Bracknell Vs Nottingham: Facebook, Flickr
Final: Manchester Vs Basingstoke: Facebook, Flickr

2013-14 Hockey Season Underway

The 2013-14 Ice Hockey season has started, with a few charity and challenge matches. All the photos are available on Flickr and Facebook.

2012/13 Hockey Season Underway

The 2012/13 Hockey season is underway, with matches already being played for the EPL, ENIHL and Women’s Prem.

The Flickr page for the entire season is up and running: Here

Closing out the 2011/12 Season

The 2011/12 Ice Hockey season has one weekend left, before a few months of summer leagues and golf courses. Here’s a link to the full collection of highs and lows from over 50 matches: Flickr

Midnight Scrimmage

A training session turned into an informal game with a London rec team: Facebook, Flickr and Video.

EPL Playoff Weekend - Coventry

Busy with the camera, with photos from all 4 matches:

Guildford Flames Vs Slough Jets: Flickr, Facebook.
Sheffield Steeldogs Vs Manchester Phoenix: Flickr, Facebook.

Guildford Phoenix Vs Sheffield Steelhawks (U18 Finals): Flickr, Facebook.
Manchester Phoenix Vs Slough Jets: Flickr, Facebook.

Ice Hockey Photos

Hundreds of photos, covering ice hockey in UK since the 07/08 season: photos

Flames Struggle Against Slough

New photos are available on the Ice Hockey pages. Also reachable through the Facebook and Flickr links on the top right on the page.

Flames Thrash Bees 5-0

A new set of photos on the Ice Hockey page shows some highlights from the Flames’ 5-0 win Sunday night.

Flames Beat Wildcats

New Flames photos posted on Flickr and Facebook. Links posted on the Ice Hockey page.


Just updated the Guildford Lightning page, adding links to all the latest match photos on Facebook and Flickr. The other hockey pages cover coaching videos.
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