November 2011

Flames Beat Wildcats

New Flames photos posted on Flickr and Facebook. Links posted on the Ice Hockey page.

VSI Project Documented

Added a big chunk of text about my long running VSI (Very Simple Interpreter) project. I’ve never really explained it to many people, would be interesting to see a reaction to it.


Just updated the Guildford Lightning page, adding links to all the latest match photos on Facebook and Flickr. The other hockey pages cover coaching videos.

The Top-Line

The plus symbol on the top-right operates the menu. The icons on the top-right link to Flickr, Facebook and Twitter accounts. The content in the site will also cross-reference these sites to try and create a consistent view.

New Site Template

The old website has been neglected, too much effort to maintain. Now I have Facebook, Twitter and Flickr accounts and this site is getting revamped to act as a central place. Read More...
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